“Ours is the leading development agency with a caring team of committed, competent, culturally-sensitive and spiritually-guided staff, working with partners at all levels, for a united, sustainable, prosperous, and autonomous Cordillera.”

NEDA-CAR Mission

“We commit to orchestrate regional development initiatives and aspirations through broad-based consultations, and in an atmosphere that inspires a dynamic fit among management staff, and resources.”

NEDA-CAR Core Values

  • Excellence: we uphold competence, commitment, and professionalism, tempered by pragmatism.
  • Integrity: we our honest, transparent, and accountable in our transaction, consistently observing ethical standards..
  • Initiative: we make a difference through our resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Nurturing: we care for each other’s personal and professional goals.
  • Humility: we remain humble and open to improvement.
  • Respect: we accept each other’s differences..
  • Teamwork: we work together in synergy.
  • Responsiveness: we adapt to change with agility and grace.
  • Leadership by Example: we inspire others by our words and actions.

With the guidance of the Supreme Being… we adhere.