CSC confers to NEDA-CAR the Level II Maturity Award in Recruitment, Selection and Placement under the PRIME-HRM

Mr. George Manzano (CSC-CAR representative) awards the Certificate of Recognition to NEDA-CAR Regional Director Milagros A. Rimando as Assistant Regional Director Jade Aquino, Chief Administrative Officer Stephanie Christiansen and HRM Officer Tess Robillos look on. NEDA-CAR’s efforts in human resource management earned it the Level II Maturity Award in Recruitment, Selection, and Placement (RSP), one of… Read more »


Executive Order 325, Series of 1996 (Reorganization of the Regional Development Councils) stipulates that the main function of RDCs is to accelerate the socio-economic development of the regions. On the other hand, Executive Order 30, Series of 2001 (Providing for a Regional Development Council in CAR) states that the RDC of CAR is the primary… Read more »


NEDAns take time off from office work

On November 25, 2016, Friday, the staff of NEDA-CAR turned-off their computers, went out of their offices, rolled their sleeves, and, armed with garden tools, broomsticks, gloves and hats, did their share in caring for the environment. About 42 staff cleaned the NEDA-CAR surroundings of scattered branches and leaves, uprooted unwanted weeds, and trimmed  tree… Read more »