By Emelie Daquipil/NEDA-CAR

There shall be 12 Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) in this year’s reorganized RDC. To be selected in May 2013, these PSRs shall be representing the region’s key development sectors. The previous set up had 14 PSRs, representing the 6 development sectors and 7 provinces and city.

With the new set-up, two PSRs each shall represent the following sectors: Economic, Watershed and Environmental Management, Agriculture, and Indigenous Peoples. The Development Administration, Infrastructure, and the Social Sectors will have one PSR each. The PSR for the Labor Sector will be joining the Social Sector. There will be no more geographic PSRs inasmuch as the region’s provinces and city are already represented in the RDC by their respective key local officials.

These are some of the major decisions arrived at during the RDC Special Meeting held on April 11, 2013 at the RDC Hall, NEDA-CAR, Baguio City. It was presided by the RDC Co-Chairman Dr. Virgilio C. Bautista.

The submission of documents needed for nominating PSRs is April 30, 2013. For inquiries, please contact NEDA-CAR at 442-3232 or visit the RDC website