Tourism and autonomy

Robert DomoguenSunstar Baguio, Wednesday, February 25, 2009 In reflecting and pursuing its national mandate and yet upholding and promoting local ethnicity, PTA, among all the other national agencies is fulfilling the requirements of the Constitution and Executive Order 220 for the current administrative set-up to demonstrate and ultimately prepare the region for autonomy. Certainly, we… Read more »

Credible Autonomy IEC Team Asked

Harley Palangchao Baguio Midland Courier, 2/1/2009  President Gloria Arroyo is being requested to issue an executive or administrative order creating a “non-partisan” group that will spearhead the information education campaign for the eventual establishment of an autonomous Cordillera region. The multi-sectoral group Autonomiya Kordillera (AKO) Inc. made the request as it noted that many Cordillerans… Read more »