Domoguen: Upholding IP culture: an offer to humanity

Robert L. DomoguenSunStar Baguio, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 CULTURE is not a private reserve. It is a common offering by a people for the people, if you will, of their ways, practices, norms and expressions of life. Accepted and affirmed individually and practiced in community, culture defines and shapes the consciences and lives of those… Read more »

Advancing CAR as the Watershed Cradle of the North

Advancing CAR as the “Watershed Cradle of the North” The RDC – CAR conducted the Regional Watershed Conference on October 29, 2008 in Baguio City. The event was attended by 251 participants led by the officials and members of the RDC headed by its Acting Chairman and NEDA-CAR Regional Director Juan B. Ngalob. They were… Read more »

RDC Action Agenda 2008-2010 and Beyond (New)

Regional Development Council-Cordillera Administrative Region Action Agenda 2008-2010 and Beyond Cordillera Development Vision We, the people of the Cordilleras, proud of our culture and heritage rooted in spirituality, shall have a truly autonomous region of enlightened and empowered citizenry who shall pursue sustainable development where responsibilities and benefits are equitably shared by all.

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PGMA's 2006 State of the Nation Address

  Thank you, Speaker de Venecia. Congratulations, Senate President Manny Villar; Vice-President Noli de Castro; President Ramos; Chief Justice Panganiban; Members of the diplomatic corps; Senators; Congressmen and Congresswomen; Other officials, ladies and gentlemen. Sa araw na ito, nakatuon ang isip natin sa ating mga kababayan sa Lebanon. Nasa kuko sila ngayon ng malagim na… Read more »