From Under This Hat: The Cordillera people’s autonomous region

Here, I lift passages from the book of selected speeches by William F. Claver. Around this month twenty two years ago then congressman, Atty. Billy Claver addressed the House of Representatives quoting, “a Kalinga”, whom he described as, “whose wisdom now belongs to the ages”. “Land is a grace that must be nurtured, enriched, made continue reading : From Under This Hat: The Cordillera people’s autonomous region

RDC-CAR House Rules

RDC-CAR House Rules *  The general provisions were lifted from IRR of EO 325. Specific rules were adopted by the Regional Development Council through RDC Resolution No. CAR-18 series of  2001.  Subsequently, additional policies were promulgated and adopted by the RDC to enhance the House Rules. 1.  Schedule of Meetings  a. Regional Development Council (RDC) <!–[if continue reading : RDC-CAR House Rules

2010 RDC Resolutions

RESOLUTION NUMBER/TITLE UPDATE/S  OTHER UPDATES RDC EnBanc Meeting, 12 February 2010 Tabuk, Kalinga RDC Resolution No. CAR-02, s. 2010 REQUESTING FOR A SPECIAL FORUM WITH THE SECRETARY OF DENR TO DISCUSS THE ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS OF CAR The dialogue was held March 31, 2010 at the RDC Hall, 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.    RDC Resolution continue reading : 2010 RDC Resolutions

MTPDP 2011-2016 Video Presentations

Drafts MTPDP 2011-2016 Chapter Summaries 1 to 5: MTPDP 2011-2016 Chapter Summaries Draft MTPDP 2011-2016 Chapter Summaries 6 to 9: MTPDP 2011-2016 Chapter Summaries Drafts MTPDP 2011-2016 Overview: MTPDP 2011-2016