Bring the autonomy issue to the grassroots

By ALMA B. BAGUIO CITY — The Tebtebba Foundation, a non government organization working for the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples (IP) rights said the regional “autonomy definitely has to have the support of the people in order to succeed”. Victoria Tauli-Corpus, executive director of Tebtebba said in an interview on December 14… Read more »

MP fears Ampatuan case to be repeated in CAR

By ADELA DEYAEN Bolinget said the autonomy being pushed by the government at present is bogus because it does not recognize the right to self-determination by the people. He added that even if there is autonomous set up if the political system of the country is dirty and monopolized by the traditional politicians who… Read more »

Daang Tuw’d: Haan lang nga tabbed, nengneng pay

By LAYAD EKID/ These pieces of information indicate reservation despite willingness to come to the table. There must be more bridging work – the Cordillera people need consultations, consultations and consultations. Not a plebiscite that must be done in two years. Wonder of wonders, the august body that is the RDC, which used to say… Read more »

Anthropologist shares perspective on CAR autonomy

By ADELA DEYAEN WAYAS/ Mendoza claimed that if those who will draft the organic act do not understand the IPs then nothing will happen. Thus, IP elders who are knowledgeable, anthropologists and other individuals who are experts on the culture of the people should be included in drafting the organic act. She also said the… Read more »

Major CAR development issues and concerns and corresponding plan of action

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT ISSUES AND CONCERNSAND CORRESPONDING PLAN OF ACTION* Major development issues/concerns Plan of Action/Recommendations Continuing pursuit of Cordillera Autonomy Studies indicate 65% of the people are either misinformed or unaware of the constitutional provision and development benefits of being an autonomous region, leading to the rejection of the two Organic Act. Since 2006 when… Read more »

RDs do not like regional autonomy

By LAYAD EKID/ Since the RDC revived the issue of Regional Autonomy in 2007, very few Regional Directors spoke publicly in support of it and to think many of them are members of the RDC. So how can the RDC convince the Cordillera people? They could not even convince some of their members. How… Read more »

Five Core Principles To Be Used as Criteria in Crafting the 3rd Organic Act

Introduction to the Five Core Principles of Autonomy First Principle: Permanent Regional Identity Second Principle: Non-diminution of Existing Benefits and Powers   Third Principle (Part I): Nationally paid officials and employees will continue to be nationally paid Third Principle (Part II): Nationally paid officials and employees will continue to be nationally paid Fourth Principle: Subsidy… Read more »

Cordi Autonomy Still Far-off If Ever

By Benny Balweg/SunStar Baguio It was a frank and candid meeting, not at all a waste of time for it is always better to talk, even about nothings, than never to talk at all. But then parley turned to the same old songs of mere mutual encouragement where one side thought there was disagreement but… Read more »