A Personal Outlook on Autonomy

by Robert L. Domoguen/Sunstar Baguio It is argued that the region’s quest for autonomy is purely a political quest. That is a self-serving thought. Autonomy can also be a scientific and development quest. Depending on what it is, autonomy should be everybody’s quest. For me, one thing is sure though. It must not find cause… Read more »

More Thoughts on Cordillera Autonomy

by Estanislao Albano, Jr./ Notes from the North What is the guarantee that when more funds will be at the disposition of the regional leadership courtesy of the dawning of Cordillera autonomy the same will be put to proper use this time? Now if there is no such guarantee could be made, what good will… Read more »

Personal Thoughts On Autonomy

By by Estanislao Albano, Jr./ Notes from the North For me, autonomy is just a telltale sign that we are unequal with the rest of the Filipino nation. It is like a crutch which proclaims to the world that one is lame and could not run in a race with the majority. The right response… Read more »

CPLA officials call for unity

By Artemio Dumlao/The Philippine Star “If we do not unite, the national government will continue neglecting us,” he told some 50 members of the Cordillera Bodong (peace pact) Administration, one of the transitory bodies created by then President Corazon Aquino under Executive Order 220 to lay the ground work for autonomy in the Cordillera region… Read more »

Autonomously Yours

By March Fianza/Northern Philippines Times BAGUIO CITY — Autonomy is often defined as “self-rule” or the “power to make one’s own decisions.” However, some sectors have automatically equated that to mean “decision-making by one,” which to me should not be. Meanwhile, others have associated the clamor for regional autonomy with the personal interests of individuals,… Read more »

Autonomy Blues

LETTER to the Editor/Northern Philippines Times: Beepo Kiaki, ICIB co-chairman ..Nowhere in Executive Order 30 signed by then President Arroyo can anyone see with the aid of a magnifying glass the magic words “Prepare Autonomy” written. Section 1 of said EO states: “There is hereby created a Cordillera Regional Development Council (CRDC) which shall be… Read more »

Politics of Regional Autonomy In The Cordillera and Letting Go

By Julio K. Acofo/SunStar Baguio Regional autonomy in whatever form is a socio-political-economic system. Again In the Cordillera politics continues to influence the movement of regional autonomy in the Cordillera. The politics of regional autonomy the Cordillera can not discount the roles of non-government organizations, armed groups and ideologies. Especially now that NGOs have moved… Read more »

Psyche of a Cordilleran and Regional Autonomy

By Julio K. Acof/Sunstar Baguio Regional autonomy for the CAR today can not be decided on the bases of promises of economic growth based on mineral wealth for example, or the billions of money for the autonomous region as contained in the second draft organic act which again, for purposes of emphasis, was rejected. Discussions… Read more »

Movers and Shakers of 2010

By JM Agreda/Sunstar 10. Development in autonomy? Stale as a topic for most Cordillerans, especially the youth, and expected never to be a trending topic on Twitter or in any similar site. Local autonomy advocates never gave up in its 23-year quest for Cordillera autonomy. After all, National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Director Juan… Read more »