Efforts are directed to attain total social and human development (Figure 2.1). It manifests in enlarged people’s aspirations and choices, leading to a long and healthy life, being informed and educated, having access to resources for a decent living, and being able to actively participate in community life.

The economy performs efficiently attaining sustainable economic growth, providing for an increased contribution of CAR to the national economic pie.

The operations of the economy yield environmental quality and sustainable use of resources, where prosperity is reckoned with ecological balance and natural resources conservation. Intergenerational equity is observed in resource utilization.

An efficient infrastructure system, particularly transportation and communication, is provided for regional integration. A year-round reliable transportation and communication network is established directly linking the provincial capitals and all growth centers with one another. State-of-the art communication facilities are present, so working that even the remotest areas in the region are linked to the global economy and community of nations.

Cultural integrity is attained when Cordillera Indigenous Peoples’ cultural heritage and basic rights on ancestral lands and domains, self governance and social justice are recognized, respected and protected.

Regional Autonomy. Good governance is instituted as Cordillerans manage and protect regional resources within the framework of the Constitution. Administration and development management are done in harmony with the peoples’ social and cultural values.

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