Baguio City-In preparation for the Regional Development Council Forwarding Local Autonomy Medal of Excellence (RDC-FLAME) Awards for the year 2016, the Regional Assessment Team (RAT) convened to discuss the proposed revisions on the RDC-FLAME guidelines on February 10, 2016 at the RDC Hall, NEDA- CAR, Baguio City.

The RDC-FLAME Awards is composed of two working groups; the Regional Assessment Team (RAT) and the Regional Awards Committee (RAC). The RAT is a technical working group (TWG) composed of representatives from various regional line agencies facilitating the FLAME awards. The RAC, on the other hand, establishes policies and guidelines governing the award and undertakes final review of all award nominees.

The RDC-FLAME award was launched in 2014 through the initiative of RDC-CAR to inspire the local government units (LGUs) to engage in advocating for local autonomy, and to reward LGUs’ who are supportive of the RDC’s role in advancing the regional development agenda.

The RDC-FLAME, on its second year, continues to champion the goals of RDC.Hence, this meeting was conducted to agree on some revisions on the criteria and indicators of the RDC- FLAME awards.

As agreed upon, the award will be based on three criteria and weights, as follows: Criteria 1: 30 points for the LGUs support to RDC initiatives and advocacies on regional development and autonomy initiatives; Criteria 2: 60 points for performance of LGUs on various aspects of Good Governance, and for Criteria 3: the remaining 10 points for the Local Chief Executives’ participation in RDC-led activities. Last year’s criteria remained untouched, but the indicators and their corresponding point scoring were changed to emphasize LGUs’ support to regional development and autonomy initiatives.

Indicators of Criteria 1 focused on LGUs efforts for good governance based on the LGUs national and regional awards received. These awards are given by the line agencies as submitted to RAC.In terms of Criteria 2, LGUs involvement and support to RDCs initiatives and advocacies on regional development and autonomy are manifested in the availability of draft DRR-CCA for provinces and updated CLUPs for cities/ municipalities, proposals submitted for external funding, prepared Annual Investment Programs and 3-year investment programs and an operational Local Project Monitoring Committee (LPMC). It also highlights coordination and partnership of LGUs with Social Preparation of CAR for an Autonomous Region (SPCAR) for the conduct of IEC using multi-media. Criteria 3highlights LGUs participation to RDC council meeting, cordillera month activities, membership of CSOs in Local Special Bodies and LGUs implemented actions on the RDC 2015 policies and resolutions.

Flyers will be disseminated to the LGUs and to their respective provincial/city/municipal council. LGUs portfolios are expected to be received by the RAT secretariat by April 10 to undergo three rounds of assessment. By June 7, the Regional Awards Committee (RAC) will deliberate on the winning LGUs, upon recommendation of the RAT.

The RAT, headed by DILG-CAR Regional Director John M. Castañeda facilitates the assessment and selection of the winning LGUs.The RAC, chaired by Regional Director Milagros A. Rimando of NEDA-CAR, will hand the awards during the Cordillera Month Celebration this July 2016.