Flagged – The alert mechanism of the Regional Project Monitoring Committee flags projects that are delayed and provides information to the RPMC for decision-making, project inspection and problem-solving sessions.

BAGUIO CITY – The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) Alert Mechanism flagged 76 delayed projects in the 1st quarter of 2021. This was presented during its meeting last April 21. The RPMC which is mandated to oversee the implementation of programs/projects in the region, instituted the RPMC alert mechanism as the basis for project inspection and problem-solving sessions (PSSs).

The Alert Mechanism flags programs/projects of agencies that are experiencing significant delays as shown by their negative slippages of -5% or more. The alert stages are: Early Warning Stage (-5% to -9.99%), ICU stage (-10% to -14.99%), and Terminal stage (-15% and beyond). This monitoring tool quickly enables the RPMC to remind agencies to institute remedial measures to bring delayed projects on track.

Alert StagePercent SlippageRPMC Action
Early Warning Stage (-5% to -9.99%)1. Write agency for contractor’s corrective action
ICU stage (-10% to -14.99%)1. Refer unresolved problems to appropriate bodies
2. Conduct Problem Solving Session after a quarter of no agency action or no significant improvement
Terminal stage(-15% and beyond)1. Recommend for project termination

For the first quarter, the flagged projects constitute 11.43% of the projects being monitored by the RPMC. The remaining 88.57% of the projects being monitored are on track. The most common reason for project delays is the poor performance of the contractors as reported in 27 projects. Adverse weather condition was also cited for the delay of 17 projects in Apayao, Ifugao and Kalinga. Other reasons are a mix of right-of-way issues, lack of manpower, accessibility to the worksite and implementation of quarantine protocols. The respective agencies immediately issued warnings and closely monitored the contractors to fast track the projects.