by Robert L. Domoguen/Sunstar Baguio

It is argued that the region’s quest for autonomy is purely a political quest. That is a self-serving thought. Autonomy can also be a scientific and development quest. Depending on what it is, autonomy should be everybody’s quest. For me, one thing is sure though. It must not find cause with how the previous Cordillera bodies pursued it and destroyed its merits. Which is; “the quest, power and post, and money and perks” belongs to us royals and purebloods.

This is why the way some of us talk and negate each other in the current autonomy quest is still too far in the dark. We seem to be in it so we can repeat the same self-serving mistake one more time. This is not my personal opinion by the way. It is a public perception that characterized how the quest’s past plebiscites were judged.

Autonomy is a challenging Igorot family pursuit. That is a personal view and should not be seen as self-serving in its spirit, idealism and application.

Autonomy as an ideal for all Cordillerans of purebloods and mixed bloods coming together in genuine community may yet win to guide good governance in the region now. When it does, it can be both disadvantageous even dangerous to some. It will be constantly threatened by opportunists of all kinds. That is why “autonomy: forget it” is also a well-meaning advice if we do not have that character and conviction, en masse, to sacrifice and make the idea work. That ideal is still not visible in our psyche and with our current ways.