ADG Marcelina E. Bacani was the keynote speaker during the 8th Community based Monitoring System (CBMS) Philippine National Conference on March 19,2012 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. In her speech, she emphasized that as the planning agency, NEDA’s role in reducing the impact of disasters and climate change is directed at improving planning approaches and making sure that disaster and climate risks are considered in national plans and their counterpart plans at the regional and local levels.

ADG Bacani pointed out that with NEDA’s implementation of the Integrating DRR/CCA Project, 80 provinces will be able to complete their DRR/CCA-enhanced Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans (PDPFPs) by the end of 2013. The provincial plans will indicate the impacts of disasters on earthquakes, liquefaction, flooding and landslides to the population and damage to properties on agricultural crops, houses, buildings, roads, bridges and lifelines facilities.

According to ADG Bacani, the DRR/CCA-enhancement of the PDPFPs will benefit from CBMS not only as source of baseline information, but also as basis for coming up with appropriate  development interventions that will help reduce losses from natural disasters and climate change.

Reposted from N-Online, April 9, 2012.