The CAR RDC Secom on Indigenous Peoples Concerns (CIPC) agreed that for 2015, the Secom’s focus shall be on the advocacy of the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act, including the FPIC process and Section 12 that gives the IPs the option to have their ancestral lands titled under the provisions of Commonwealth Act  141.

This was decided during the Secom’s meeting on January 8, 2015.  The members acknowledged that a clear and common understanding of IP-related policies and programs is a necessary step towards the smooth and effective implementation of the IPRA in the Cordillera Region.

Following the identification of these priority agenda, NCIP Commissioner Zenaida Brigida H. Pawid, the Committee’s newly elected chairperson, arranged for a briefing on January 30, 2015 during which the IPRA provisions, the FPIC process, and IP-related issues in the region shall be presented and discussed.  The briefing, to be hosted by NCIP-CAR, shall be attended by representatives of CIPC member-agencies.

Also in the list of top priority agenda of the committee is the monitoring of the implementation of NCIP’s programs and policies, and the generation of IP-related statistics in the region.

These priority concerns, Commissioner Pawid said, will help the NCIP get more support from both the government and private sectors in promoting and protecting the rights of the IPs in CAR. (EGDaquipil, NEDA-CAR)