An Act To Establish The Cordillera Autonomous Region*


Article I.   Territory and People
   II.  Declaration of Principles and Policies
  III.  The Cordillera Autonomous Region
   IV. The Regional Legislative Assembly
   V. The Regional Executive Department
  VI.  Local Government
  VII. The Cabinet, Anti-Poverty Council, The Regional Planning Development Board, The Regional Advisory Council, The Regional Management Staff, and Mandatory Positions
   VIII.  Patrimony, Economy and Development
   IX.  Sources of Revenues and Other Fiscal Matters
   X.  Agriculture, Agrarian Reform, Trade and Industry, Tourism and Cooperatives
   XI.  Education, Science and Technology, Language, Arts and Culture, and Sports
   XII.  Social, Justice and Welfare
  XIII.  Peace and Order
   XIV. General Provisions
   XV. Amendment or Revisions
   XVI.  Transitory Provisions
   XVII.  Effectivity
* This is a draft prepared by the technical working group under the TAADC and would be the subject of deliberation/refinement on the next TAADC meeting. For comments and suggestions, please submit them to the TAADC Chairman c/o Mayor Domogan, copy furnished to the RDC Secretariat at 
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