Article I. National Territory

Article II. Declaration of Principles and State Policies

Article III. Bill of Rights

Article IV. Citizenship

Article V. Suffrage

Article VI. The Legislative Department

Article VII. The Executive Department

Article VIII. The Judicial Department

Article IX. Constitutional Commissions

Article X. Local Government

Article XI. Accountability of Public Officers

Article XII. National Economy and Patrimony

Article XIII. Social Justice and Human Rights

Article XIV. Education, Science & Technology, Arts, Culture & Sports

Article XV. The Family

Article XVI. General Provisions

Article XVII. Amendments and Revisions

Article XVIII. Transitory Provisions

Brief History of the 1987 Constitution:

 When the late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos was deposed, the next president, Pres. Corazon C. Aquino, promulgated on 25 February 1986 a Provisional (Freedom) Constitution. Immediately thereafter, Pres. Aquino created a Constitutional Commission to frame a new constitution, which was ratified in a plebiscite on 2 February 1987. This is also the effectivity date of the Constitution of the Philippines.