“Inter-local cooperation looks at spatial dimension as an economic space where development planning can be exercised rationally.  It goes beyond political jurisdiction and broadens political accountability”.

This was how Dr. Gaudioso Sosmeña, former DILG Asst. Secretary for Local Government and the Founding Executive Director of the Local Government Development Foundation (LOGODEF), described in gist what inter-local cooperation is during the Executive Course  on Inter-local Cooperation.  The seminar, which also included a Strategic Planning Workshop, was conducted on September 11-12, 2014.

Dr. Sosmeña was joined by other experts from LOGODEF  who  shared their technical expertise and experience in inter-local cooperation and strategic planning.  These include Prof. Edmund Tayao, Executive Director of LOGODEF and  Associate Professor of Political Science at the UST; Dr. Nestor Pilar, VP for Academic Affairs of the National Defense College of the Philippines; and Dr. Mariano Guillermo, a member of the LOGODEF Board of Trustees.

They also facilitated a workshop in which the participants identified major programs and projects that will help the BLISTT pursue the three major strategies identified to pursue its vision of “A green, peaceful, and family-oriented tourist destination, global center of education, spirituality, culture, and specialized industries, one home of caring and empowered people, managed by a responsive governance team”.  The three identified major BLISTT strategies are as follows: (1) Eco-tourism; (2) Specialized industries; and (3) Center of education, spirituality, and culture.

Funded by the CAR RDC, the activity was held at the Citylight Hotel and was attended by the LCEs, planning officers and members of the local legislative bodies of the BLISTT city and municipalities. Also present were  representatives from various RLAs such as the NCIP, DILG, DOT, PRO-Cor, DPWH and NEDA.  (Ma. Emelie G. Daquipil)