The BLISTT (Baguio City, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay) Outer Circumferential Road will finally come to fruition with the funding allocation of Php450 million from DPWH to jump start work on this road  project starting in 2017. This amount will fund 3 phases of the road project at  Php150 million per phase for a total of Php 450 million in 2017.

The funding of the said road was committed by DPWH in its 2017 National Expenditure Program (NEP) of DPWH – CAR. This ensures that this road project will now be funded   in the succeeding years until fully completed.  Succeeding funding allocation for 2018 and onwards would depend on the program of works to be prepared by DPWH-CAR.

The BLISTT Outer Circumferential Road Project will comprise 144 kilometers of road network to be developed at the outer realm to link the towns of Baguio City,  La Trinidad,  Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay. It will complement the present inner circumferential road which presently links Baguio City, La Trinidad and Tuba, and is expected to spur development in the barangays passed by the road.

This project was conceptualized after it was observed that the rapid urbanization especially in Baguio City and La Trinidad has made it imperative to have another outer ring road to serve as a bypass route to decongest traffic in the main urban core of BLISTT.  It is also expected to bring about the following benefits (a) shorten travel time within the BLISTT; (b) reduce vehicle operating costs; (c) stimulate economic activities particularly in the fringes of the BLISTT Area;  and (d) develop economic linkages between and among the BLISTT towns.

Early this year a full-blown feasibility study was prepared by DPWH-CAR with the  technical assistance from the  National Economic Development Authority – Cordillera Administrative Region ( NEDA-CAR). Technical staff from DPWH-CAR were detailed for about 3 months in NEDA-CAR office to prepare the Feasibility Study with guidance and inputs from NEDA-CAR staff led by Director Milagros A. Rimando.  The draft Feasibility Study was completed April 2016 and subsequently submitted to DPWH Central Office.

DPWH–CAR has identified this road as a priority project but funding has been delayed due to the absence of a feasibility study. Now that the feasibility study has been completed and the project has been found to be feasible, funds are now allotted for its realization.

The BLISTT Outer Circumferential Road was identified as a priority project in the Revalidated Regional Development Investment Program  2014-2017 and in the Annual Investment Program 2017 of CAR.

(Sept 28, 2016)