BAGUIO CITY — The Tebtebba Foundation, a non government organization working for the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples (IP) rights said the regional “autonomy definitely has to have the support of the people in order to succeed”.

Victoria Tauli-Corpus, executive director of Tebtebba said in an interview on December 14 that if the government is facilitating the autonomy campaign alone, it will not work. “It should have the support of the people otherwise, it will appear that they have vested interests and eventually it will fail because the people will not support it,” she said.

The information education campaign (IEC) being undertaken now, according to Tauli is not enough. If it is, she said, she should have heard of debates over the radio or television, public discussions and general assemblies tackling all aspects of autonomy. But in reality, she said “…ang lumalabas naman ang ina-IEC nila ay iyong mga taong gobyerno din”. (What is turning out is, their IEC is justfor government workers) This according to her is evident because the issue is not popular. The government she said must bring the IEC to the grassroots level.

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