Here, I lift passages from the book of selected speeches by William F. Claver.

Around this month twenty two years ago then congressman, Atty. Billy Claver addressed the House of Representatives quoting, “a Kalinga”, whom he described as, “whose wisdom now belongs to the ages”.

“Land is a grace that must be nurtured, enriched, made to bear fruit. Land is sacred and beloved. From its womb spring the lives of the indigenous people of the Cordillera.

The words I have just quoted form part of the historic legacy bequeathed to the Filipino people by Kalinga leader Macliing Dulag, who led the Cordillera struggle for self-determination against the oppressive imposition of development planned from above, without consultation with and consent from the people who stood to be affected.

Macliing’s wisdom is germane to the great issue being offered for discussion to this August body of the people’s representatives.

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