To ensure the sustainability of GAD mainstreaming in the region’s development efforts, the RDC’s GAD Committee (CAR GAD Committee) agreed to embark on priority activities for 2015.

During its meeting on February 25, 2015, the Committee decided to implement the following activities this year: conduct a Training Needs Assessment for members of the RDC and the GAD Support Committee, conduct an orientation-workshop on GAD planning and budgeting, the profiling of CAR’s GAD Speakers Pool, and the profiling and assessment of the current focal point systems in CAR RLAs, SUCs, LGUs and NGOs/POs.

Executive Director Verzosa briefed the body on the role of the PCW in ensuring that the Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710) is implemented in the country. The PCW, she explained, is the country’s oversight body on women’s concerns and the lead advocate of women’s empowerment, and gender equity. Basically a policy-making body, the Commission greatly relies on the efforts of RLAs, the LGUs and the NGOs in implementing GAD-related programs.

The Committee, created by virtue of RDC-CAR Resolution No. 64 signed in October 8, 2014, is presently composed of 11 government agencies and 7 CSOs/NGOs. Its main function is to serve as the primary mechanism to catalyze and accelerate gender mainstreaming in CAR’s development planning processes.

As the technical secretariat of the RDC, NEDA-CAR recommended the RDC-CAR’s partnership with the PCW in building the capacity of the GAD Committee, sustain the institutionalization of GAD in the RDC, and strengthen gender mainstreaming in the region.

A Partnership Agreement between the RDC-CAR and PCW was inked, providing for the sharing of expertise and resources so that GAD-related technical assistance is provided to the LGUs, RLAs, SUCs and other sectors in the Cordillera. (egdaquipil)