CAR has also identified basic requisites for regional development including CAR as a physically integrated region, as bastion of indigenous culture and knowledge, as a region responsive to the total human development needs of Cordillerans, and a model of good governance through regional autonomy.

Anchoring CAR’s development on being the Watershed Cradle of North Luzon will not only allow the region to develop economic activities suitable to the region’s fragile ecology by developing homegrown industries harnessing our natural and human resources in a sustainable manner, but will also promote and preserve the region’s rich and diverse indigenous culture and heritage. Rehabilitating and protecting CAR’s watersheds will be a priority to showcase the Cordillera Region as a model “green economy” in the country.

CAR as Major Hydropower Producer. In the country’s search for alternative renewable sources of energy, CAR will play a vital role with its vast potentials for hydropower generation estimated at 3,580 MW or about 27% of the country’s hydropower potential. With rehabilitated watersheds, CAR will be able to increase water storage and increase river water flow to generate energy for us and those of neighboring

With these potentials, CAR is advocating a strategy to develop small, mini and micro run-of-river type hydropower generation projects that are not only more socially acceptable to indigenous communities but also more environment-friendly. These are proposed to be developed by local power corporations as a partnership between local government units and the private sector. We hope to increase the contribution of the electricity and water sector to regional growth. As mini- and micro-hydro power will also provide energy for communities in remote areas away from the grid, we hope to spur rural industries specifically in food processing and forest-based products manufacturing to support the local tourism industry.

CAR as Greens and Ornamental Grocer. To establish a link with its watersheds, CAR will focus on agroforestry and forest plantation activities that will help rehabilitate, regenerate and protect the condition

With its cool climate, CAR produces a variety of high-value semi-temperate fruits and vegetables as well as cutflowers for domestic consumption and export. We hope to establish links between the agriculture and industry sectors particularly in food and beverages manufacturing.

CAR as Prime Eco-Tourist Destination. CAR’s rehabilitated and regenerated watersheds will create more opportunities for the eco-tourism industry. The region’s mix of natural beauty, refreshing climate and distinct natural and physical attractions spells out its ideal role as a premier eco-tourist destination area. The region’s forests, scenic mountains, rivers and plains are its most natural attractions. The Cordillera is also home to a number of indigenous groups with their rich and diverse cultures that add colour and excitement to the region’s tourism industry.

We hope to spur economic activities in tourism and tourism-allied services that will sustain if not increase their contribution to regional growth. CAR hopes to establish links of the tourism industry with the manufacturing sector by developing resource-based industries that will promote products of the region’s small, micro and medium enterprises as in rattan, bamboo and wood-based products manufacturing and food processing and manufacturing.

CAR as Major Producer of Agri-Industrial Products. Our manufacturing is currently dominated by the electronics industry. CAR will encourage industrial growth using its abundant natural resources to spur resource-based manufacturing industries in the countryside that are more labor-absorbing and thus more employment generating. This will include wine, coffee and other food-based processing and manufacturing, basketry and other wood-based souvenir products, and bamboo, rattan and wood-based furniture-making that will support the region’s manufacturing and tourism industries.

CAR as Prime Education Center and Major Site of Knowledge-Based Industries. While not directly linked to the strategy of advancing CAR as the Watershed Cradle of North Philippines, CAR’s promotion of itself as prime education center and major site of knowledge-based industries will increase the contribution of the services sector to regional growth. While encouraging the development of education and education-allied services, CAR will continue to play a major role as the northernmost hub of the Philippine Cyber Corridor sponsoring more business process outsourcing industries both local and international.