The RDC Executive committee (ExCom) agreed during the January 23 1st Quarter RDC-ExCom meeting to formalize the RDC project development assistance services for local government units. RDC-CAR Chair Joy Bernos proposed the this in a previous RDC meeting to strengthen the relationship between the RDC and the LGUs.

The RDC Secretariat NEDA-CAR presented the mechanism of Project Development Assistance (PDA) to assist Local Government Units (LGUs) in formulating project proposals that pass the standards of evaluation for approval and funding. Bernos recalled her earlier sentiments that the RDC must be brought down closer to the LGUs and lightheartedly quipped that this PDA is as much as Project Development Assistance as it is a “Public Display of Affection” of the RDC to the LGUs.

Bernos added that this can be an opportunity for better coordination especially in implementing initiatives for the regional pursuit for self-determination and Cordillera autonomy.

While the ExCom recognized the capability of the planning and development officers of the LGUs, Regional Director Milagros Rimando stated that NEDA-CAR can better ensure that qualified LGU proposed plans are integrated into national investment programs and development plans. This is in line with the push of the National Economic Development Authority Central Office to strengthen RDCs all over the Philippines in “ensuring the integration of plans, programs, and projects of local government units (LGUs) into the national development plan”.