(Photos in clockwise order) 1. CAR studies awaiting implementation; 2. RRDIC TWG and committee chairpersons, Dr. Pita Picpican and Dr. Nancy Bantog, respectively, explained the 6Ps metrics to participants on-site and via Zoom, 3. Dr. Imelda Degay of BSU applying the 6Ps metrics for the project being presented on “Enhancing the Value of Chayote through Product Development, Standardization, Acceptability Study, and Technology Transfer or Chayote”; and, 4. Members from the academe and RLAs look on to the presentations.

Regional Research, Development, and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) TWG Chairperson and DOST Assistant Regional Director Pita S. Picpican announced the available financing for research proposals during the 1st Quarter RRDIC Meeting on March 4, 2022.  This is for proposals on health, industry and emerging technologies, and agriculture, to name a few. 

She added that the criteria to be used in evaluating the proposals is the 6Ps metrics of namely, publication, patent or intellectual property, product, people service, place and partnership, and policy.

The publication measures the contribution of the research to general knowledge through scientific publication; patent or intellectual property is a proprietary invention or scientific process for potential future profit; the product is an invention with a potential for commercialization; people service refers to who receives the technical knowledge and training; place and partnership is the linkage forged because of the study, and policy means that the results of the study are science-based and adopted by the government or academe.  

DOST Dir. Nancy A.  Bantog, Committee Chairperson elaborated that with the 6 Ps metrics, the study would impact on people, the community and the region as a whole, when implemented.   Several R&D programs in the region, both ongoing and in the pipeline, were reportedly applying the metrics.  Most are located in Benguet, Ifugao, and Kalinga. 

The RRDIC responds to the strategies in Chapter 14 of the Updated Cordillera Regional Development Plan 2017-2022 on Vigorously Advancing Science, Technology, and Innovation. It shall pursue a strong science and technology culture in the region that encourages R&D innovation, including capacitation, technology sharing, and adoption.

The Committee is chaired by Dr. Nancy A. Bantog and co-chaired by Dr. Isagani Paddit, research director of the University of Baguio. Dir. Susan A. Sumbeling of NEDA-CAR serves as the vice-chairperson of the Committee.