The Department of Energy, with the recent approval of the RDC-CAR,  is set to conduct a geothermal resource inventory and assessment in the region to update its existing database on the country’s geothermal resources. The assessment will also identify whether the geothermal spots are suitable for energy source in a commercial and/or tourism scale.

The go-signal was given by the RDC during its 3rd quarter meeting held in Luna, Apayao on September 7, 2017.

The inventory and assessment is part of the Department of Energy’s nationwide Geothermal Resource Inventory and Assessment.  It supports the National Renewable Energy Program aimed at increasing the geothermal energy capacity installations in the country by 2030.  Through the Program, the DOE is also encouraging LGUs to identify potential geothermal sites in their localities for validation in the nationwide assessment.

According to the DOE, the Cordillera is one of the regions in the country identified as a potential geothermal energy source due to the number of hot springs and geothermal hotspots located in the region.  The region is also a potential major hydropower producer as envisioned the Cordillera Regional Development Plan 2017-2022.