Mapping out the Cordillera’s future: The CAR Regional Development Agenda 2010-2020 

Where to the Cordilleras?  This question is partially answered with the release of the CAR Regional Development Agenda 2010-2020, a collaborative effort of the Regional Development Council with its development partners presented and enhanced in a multi-sectoral gathering last February 25, 2010.


The CAR RDA 2010-2020 presents CAR’s long-term regional development thrusts and priorities in the next 20 years which the RDC hopes will be a rich resource for proposed development programs and projects, as well as political and legislative agenda for national, regional and local leaders to advance the development status of CAR.   With the theme “Pursuing a progressive autonomous region serving as a balanced ecosystem model in North Philippines towards improved quality of life of for Cordillerans,” the agenda is anchored on the twin strategies of advancing CAR as the Watershed Cradle of North Philippines and the continuing capacitation for self-governance in the region’s renewed pursuit of regional autonomy. 

The CAR-RDA 2010-2020 is work in progress and will be the basis for the formulation of the next CAR Regional Development Plan 2011-2016.  Views, comments and suggestions are welcome and may be sent to or 

Click here for the full text version/Click here for the Executive Summary version/Click here for the powerpoint version.