RDBCC orients 161 participants on the FY 2023 budget preparation and FY 2022 fund release guidelines during the Regional Budget Forum

The FY 2023 budget review and consultations for regional line agencies (RLAs) and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) kicked off on February 3, 2022 with the Regional Budget Forum conducted by DBM-CAR.  In attendance were heads of agencies and SUCs, budget officers, accountants, and other technical staff from the RLAs and SUCs.

Regional Development and Budget Coordination Committee (RDBCC) Chairperson and DBM-CAR Regional Director Irene Gahid said that the RDC will review the programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) under Tier 2 or the new and expansion PPAs to be funded by the National Government, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Official Development Assistance (ODA).

During her presentation of the salient points of the 2023 National Budget Call, Ms. Keycie Alejandro of DBM-CAR pointed out that the Tier 2 PPAs are reviewed for alignment with

the Public Investment Program/Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP), capital outlays for infrastructure projects in the Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Program (TRIP) 2023-2025, and essential operations and maintenance for technical assistance programs to the local government units (LGUs), as a result of the devolution of functions to LGUs due to the Mandanas-Garcia ruling.

Mr. Israel Baguilat of DBM-CAR added that with the devolution of functions to LGUs, the national government shall focus on capacity development, monitoring and performance assessment of LGUs, and policy and standards development for service delivery.  However, a transition period will see NG still assisting 5th to 6th income class LGUs. The full devolution of functions will be in 2024.

In addition, Tier 2 PPAs are evaluated in terms of the development goals and needs of the region.  Mr. Jose Dado of NEDA-CAR’s Project Development, Investment Programming and Budgeting Division (PDIPBD), and Ms. Cherry Dionisio of PSA-CAR, presented the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) accomplishments, respectively.  These provide a guide for the RLAs and SUCs in the formulation of their budget proposals to support regional development goals and objectives.

On addressing regional opportunities and needs, concerned agencies and SUCs are expected to consult their respective development partners, namely, the LGUs, civil society organizations, student/faculty associations, board of regents, and other stakeholders.  These consultations are to be held before the budget deliberations on February 21-24, 2022 which are to be conducted through a hybrid platform.

DBM Dir. Gahid informed the participants that the RDBCC has already issued Regional Budget Memorandum No. 1, series of 2022, which contains the regional guidelines and procedures in the presentation of the 2023 budget proposals.

The RDBCC is a support committee of the Cordillera Regional Development Council chaired by DBM-CAR Regional Director Irene Gahid and co-chaired by NEDA-CAR Regional Director Susan Sumbeling.