The Cordillera Regional Gender and Development Committee (RGADC–CAR) agreed to localize the certification of GAD Resource (GR) Pool through the adoption of the GR Pool regional certification guidelines.

According to Mr. Kim Peji of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), the certification guidelines has already been prepared by the PCW on the request of the RGADC-CAR.  It shall be presented for review and adoption by the said committee during its second quarter meeting in April.

Certification of the GR Pool at the regional level will enable the RGADC-CAR to certify GAD Resource Speakers from the region to augment the very limited number of PCW-certified GAD resource speakers in the region.

Presently, the National GR Pool has Cordilleran representatives – three from the RLAs, three from the SUCs, one from the LGU, and two from the CSO sector.  All have been certified by the PCW.

The GR Pool is composed of individual practitioners who may be tapped to provide technical assistance on GAD mainstreaming to national government agencies (NGAs), state universities and colleges (SUCs), and local government units (LGUs).  So far, except for CALABARZON, all regions have no guidelines on the certification of GR Pool members and are thus certified at the national level by the PCW.

The RGADC-CAR is one of the Support Committees of the Regional Development Council.  It is headed by DOST-CAR Director Nancy Bantog and gets secretariat support from both NEDA-CAR and DOST-CAR.  It has 41 members from the region’s RLAs, LGUS, SUCs, and CSOs.  xxx