Dr. Oliver G. Coroza of Conservation International – Philippines (CIP) briefed the members of the Cordillera GIS Network on biodiversity issues during its Steering Committee meeting on March 3, 2015.

He presented appropriate development interventions to address biodiversity issues and how computer-based technologies such as Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Remote Sensing (RS), and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) can be used as effective tools in biodiversity conservation.

By citing as an example his NGO’s project in Cagayan Valley, the Regional Geomatics Director of the CIP also showed how a meaningful public-private and NGO partnership can help in community development and biodiversity conservation at the local level.

Biodiversity conservation is one of the major concerns that will be addressed in the updating of the Cordillera Regional Spatial Development Framework, inasmuch as maintaining a balance between the protection of biodiversity-rich areas with their use for agricultural production, settlements, recreation and/or tourism remains to be a continuing challenge in the region.

The briefing forms part of the activities planned for 2015 by the Cordillera GIS Network to capacitate its members on GIS. Headed by newly elected NEDA-CAR Director Milagros Rimando, the Network aims to foster and promote a harmonious and synergistic collaboration of agencies and LGUs in the region using GIS as part of the decision support system. (egdaquipil)