The Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan [MIPDP) and its accompanying documents, Medium-Term Regional Development Plans (MTRDPs). are the road maps of our 10-point Legacy Agenda for national development. Under these plans, ourtask for this period is to fight poverty by building prosperity for the greatest number of Filipinos.

Halfway through the MTPDP’s and the MTRDIV implementation, we registered a strong economic performance, particularly in 2007, where we exceeded our forecasts as well as expectations of the international community and the private sector Thus, with a vibrant economy, we can now prioritize a payback for our countrymen who earned the burden of new taxes and strict austerity measures We will use infrastructure, basic education, health, housing, and science and technology* to sustain out mouth momentum that will make a difference in the lives of our people

Recent developments and trends require the revision of targets and the updating of the plans by building on accomplishments, addressing emerging gaps, and confronting new challenges In summary, the updated MTPDP and the MTRDPs for 2008-2010 shall continue to focus on the 10-Point Legacy Agenda, and the targets will be guided by the “8-in- “08*” priorities, the Super Regions development strategics, and our country’s commitment to attain the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The Regional Development Councils, with our local governments, will continue to lead in completing the task for the next three years to realize our medium-term goals. I cannot overemphasize the importance of synergy of efforts at the national, regional and local levels so that the benefits of growth are spread across a greater number

I ask for the support of every sector of society as we move for the attainment of vision. “Hangarin kona mapabilang ang Pilipinas sa mayayamang bansa sa loob ng dalawampung taon ” By 2010, it is my wish that the fundamentals of this vision will be in place and the reforms already bearing fruit, poverty should have been marginalized and the poor raised to a robust middle class This shall be our legacy




Pasig City

The President in a Cabinet Meeting held September 20117. directed NEDA to coordinate the updating of the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) as we move into the second half of the 2008-2010 development plan period. We look back at what have been accomplished so far and identify the gaps and challenges that still need to be addressed to reach the goals set in the Plan. The guidelines for the formulation of the Updated MTPDP. 2008-2010 was thus prepared. To supplement the MTPDP Updating Guidelines, NEDA issued to the Regional Development Councils (RDCs) the guidelines for the updating of the Regional Development Plans (RDPs)

The RDCs arc once again tasked to spearhead the updating of their RDPs These Updated Plans highlight the regions’ contributions in attaining the national development goals particularly the President’s 10-point agenda, as well as their vital role in the development of the Super Regions.

To attain these goals, strategies have been identified, including investing in infrastructure to accelerate development by improving logistics and lowering transport costs, link business centers and improve access to regional and global markets Anti-poverty measures have been initiated to enhance livelihood activities* provide asset reform, and improve access to essential services to ensure that basic needs of the people m the region are met.

In the context of the RDPs. the development directions set out by the President shall harness die regions’ competitive advantages and increase their economic and market potentials. It is now the role of the RDCs and local governments to undertake appropriate interventions in support of national government initiatives. Let us therefore work together to attain the vision for more progressive regions and the country as a whole.

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