Bolinget said the autonomy being pushed by the government at present is bogus because it does not recognize the right to self-determination by the people. He added that even if there is autonomous set up if the political system of the country is dirty and monopolized by the traditional politicians who are there for self interests then surely what happened in Mindanao can happen anywhere in the country.

He said the ARMM experience is a concrete experience that genuine regional autonomy in the Philippines in the present context does not really work. He said ARMM should be an eye-opener for people in government not to push for another bogus Organic Act.

Bolinget said if the culture of impunity remains in place then the rights of the people will surely not be respected. Autonomy is useless if the system of governing the people and the political structure is the same. “ There can only be genuine autonomy if there is genuine change. There can only be a democracy in an autonomous set up if the political system in the Philippines is democratic,” he stressed.

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