A symposium on a new tool to measure poverty incidence titled “What has really happened to poverty in the Philippines?: New measures, evidence, and policy implications” was held last September 2 at the NEDA sa Makati. Organized by the Social Development Staff (SDS) in coordination with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the event featured Dr. Arsenio M. Balisacan, Dean of the UP School of Economics, who presented a paper on the Multidimentional Poverty Index (MPI).

The MPI is a concept that highlights the multidimensionality of poverty. Using aggregate poverty measures, it focuses on three dimensions – education, health and standard of living. With the MPI, the country’s policy makers can now use a new approach to revisit existing anti-poverty programs, evaluate their effectivity and craft more effective anti-poverty policies.

Serving as reactors were Dr. Celia Reyes of the PIDS and Undersecretary Patrocinio Jude Esguerra of the National Anti-Poverty Commission. Mr. Renaud Meyer, Country Director of the UNDP gave the opening remarks while SDS Dir. Erlinda M. Capones gave the closing remarks.

Reposted from NEDA-Online, 07 September 2011