Finally, all parties to the conflict of the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) are open to mediation – first utilizing indigenous processes to be administered by the Council of Elders, before the Governing Board of the college comes in to formalize agreement.

MPSPC grabbed the headlines, when in July 1, 2011, students and members of faculty walked out of their classes with full support from the community forcing its president Dr. Nieves Dacyon, to sign a resignation letter.  The board, however, did not recognize the resignation as it was done under duress. 

The protest dragged on condemning Dacyon for various alleged graft and corrupt practices which was later dismissed by a fact finding committee organized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) for lack of merit. 

“We are not persuaded by the complaints,” stated the July 29, 2011 Fact Finding Committee’s report, and thus recommended to the MPSPC Board of Trustees to dismiss all complaints.

Leaders of the protest later elevated their cases against Dacyon to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the court.  Dr. Dacyon likewise filed administrative and criminal cases against the protest leaders comprising of students, faculty members and community leaders. 

Board Meeting

In January 25, 2012, the Governing Board of the MPSPC held its meeting at the MPSPC Bontoc Campus facilitated by CHED commissioner Dr. William Medrano, who was also chair-designate of the Board.

The board, in its decision, recognized and appreciated that all parties concerned agreed to the suggestion of the Council of Elders that matters be settled through indigenous procedures.  It also looked forward to facilitating possible and mutual withdrawal of charges filed by each party against the other.

Other decisions were as follows:

1.   That the Office of the MPSPC, the Conference Room and the Bids and Awards Office, subject to status verification from the National Bureau of Investigation, and the  Commission on Audit shall now be opened;

2.   That Dr. Nieves Dacyon resumes holding office in the main campus (Bontoc Campus;

3.   That all resolutions approved by the previous governing board be respected, and that those not acted upon, be reviewed and be subjected to further action and confirmation by the present board;

4.   That requests by students for documents should be subjected to the approval of the MPSPC Governing Board;

5.   That requests from students must be given due consideration, subject to availability of funds and usual accounting and auditing rules and procedures;

6.   That all parties concerned are directed to refrain from acts of harassment against each other, including but not limited to further filing of cases, statements to media, disruptive acts/behaviors, that will prejudice the ongoing mediation proceedings;

7.   That all parties act with circumspection and mutual respect for each other, reflective of the spirit of the academic community and the vision of the college.

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