September is Development Policy Research Month (DPRM), and  NEDA-CAR, recognizing the need to raise public awareness on the importance of policy research in nation-building and the promotion of broad-based literacy of development issues confronting the country, has lined-up a series of activities to celebrate it.

Guided by the theme “Investing in Risk Reduction for a Resilient Philippines”,  these activities include: (1) incorporating a short briefing on the celebration and the sharing of a DRR video to the NEDA-CAR staff during its regular Monday meeting;  (2) displaying for the entire month of September the DPRM streamer at the main entrance of the office compound; (3) posting an article in the RDC website with the accompanying banner for downloading by interested readers; and (4) advocating the DPRM by NEDA-CAR in meetings of the various inter-agency committees  where it is a member.

As part of its continuing effort to integrate DRR-CCA in its development planning activities, NEDA-CAR, as a member of the  Cordillera Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC), is presently reviewing the draft Regional Disaster Response Protocols (RDRPs) for Hydrometeorological Hazards and Earthquakes.

It may also be noted that in the early part of 2015, NEDA-CAR provided technical assistance to the region’s six provinces in the preparation of their respective DRR/CCA-enhanced Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans for 2017-2022.

Last year also marked the launching of the Cordillera Regional Research Agenda which identified Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation as one of the region’s identified priority researchable topics.

The DPRM is a nationwide information and advocacy event which is celebrated every September in accordance with Presidential Proclamation No. 247.  For this year, emphasis is on the need for an in-depth reflection and analysis of resilience building, risk reduction, structural transformation, and the role of appropriate policy interventions in building the country’s resilience to various economic, environmental, political, and social risks and stresses.

To underscore this need, no less than Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) President Gilberto Llanto said that “We need communities that can withstand various kinds of shocks and stresses and are more resilient to change than their previous state”.

Government agencies, LGUs and the private sector are encouraged to actively support programs and activities to celebrate DPRM.  The DPRM Participation Confirmation Form and banner template, with the recommended size of 300 cm x 150 cm, can be from the PIDS website

For more details on the DPRM celebration, please contact NEDA-CAR at Tel No. (074) 424 1422 or the PIDS at Tel. No. (02) 892-4059.  xxx