NEDA CAR Regional Director Susan A. Sumbeling and Assistant Regional Director Stephanie F. Christiansen emphasized the need to strengthen RDC-LGU relations during the Local Planners Forum on September 30, 2022.

NEDA CAR Regional Director Susan A. Sumbeling motivated the local planners to organize and be more involved in regional planning during the “Local Planners Forum” held on September 30, 2022 at the Newtown Plaza Event Center, Baguio City. The event aimed to level-off on planning guidelines and processes towards stronger working relations between the Regional Development Council and the Local Government Units in the local development processes.

NEDA-CAR Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Stephanie F. Christiansen also introduced Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight as a tool in planning for possible future scenarios. “Futures Thinking enables us to influence the future through our decisions and strategies — by engaging participants in thinking deeply about complex issues and imagining new possibilities to make better choices today” she said.  She explained the strategic foresight framework, process and tools such as the TPESTRE (Technological, Political, Economic, Social/cultural, Trust/ethics, Regulatory/legal, and Environmental), futures triangle, and scenario building.

An application workshop highlighted the participants’ 10-year timescale projection on knowledge management, public financial management, local planning, monitoring and evaluation, and project development. The output of the workshop will serve as an input to the formulation of the successor Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2023-2028 and an initial reference for policy discussions in the Regional Development Council (RDC).

Director Sumbeling also facilitated the organization of a region-wide planners’ organization, with Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator Flordeliza G. Moldero of Kalinga designated as the interim Chairperson. The organization was organized as an effective mechanism for data sharing, capability building, and vertical alignment of plans and programs. As an immediate next step, a technical working group meeting will be conducted to level-off on specific technical assistance needed by the local planners from the regional agencies and to organize a composite team from key agencies to provide such.  The local planners will also be involved in series of workshops and consultations for the formulation of the successor RDP 2023-to be led by the RDC Sectoral Committees from this month to first quarter of 2022.

NEDA-CAR serves as the RDP formulation secretariat in line with its role as secretariat to the RDC-CAR. (PFPD and RDC Secretariat)