The Cordillera Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) 2017-2022  Review and Enhancement Workshop was conducted by NEDA-CAR at Citylight Hotel, Baguio City.

Held on December 14, the workshop sought to improve the contents of the current RDIP 2017-2022. It also provided an opportunity for the region’s provincial Local Government Units to enroll in the RDIP additional programs/projects that are consistent with their respective investment programs.

The specific objectives of the workshop were: (1) review the provinces’ long list of programs and projects; (2) identify additional programs and projects that will enhance the provinces’ investment programs; and (3) package projects for inclusion in the RDIP.

Of the 45 participants who attended the workshop, 35 were from the region’s six provinces while ten were from regional line agencies.

Brief presentations on the Regional Development Plan 2017-2022, the Regional Spatial Development Framework, and the RDIP 2017-2022 Highlights were given by NEDA-CAR officials before the workshop proper to serve as background information and as a levelling-off for the participants.  Pointers on the packaging of programs and projects for the RDIP were also provided.