NEDA-CAR employees bring to life the NEDA’s anthem for the Philippines’ economic progress, Tunog ng Progreso,  through a synchronized dance held in the early morning of December 8, 2017 at the Botanical Garden, Baguio City.

 The Tunog Progreso synchronized dancing is a NEDA-wide initiative to support the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022, which is anchored on the President’s 0-10 Point Socioeconomic Agenda and geared towards the country’s long-term vision of a matatag, maginhawa, at panatag na buhay para sa lahat.

 The anthem takes inspiration from the country’s economic performance. It was written and performed by Thyro, a Filipino pop musical artist, and was choreographed by Karizza Mae Paredes of the Governance Staff of NEDA-CO.

One week before the actual video shoot, all NRO employees, young and old alike, took time to practice and learn by heart the lyrics of the song and master the dance steps.  Led by Director Milagros Rimando and Assistant Regional Director Jedidia Aquino, the staff wore a black blouse during the actual video shoot to highlight the colorful beads of the Cordilleras. To promote local tourism, the video shoot took place in the prominent Baguio Centennial Monument in Botanical Garden, located just a few steps away from the office of NEDA-CAR.

Video footages of the NRO staff group singing the anthem, and NRO’s top singers Aris Dos Campos of PDIPBD and Jane Sianen of FAD singing solo, were also taken.

NEDA-CO’s Development and Information Staff (DIS)  shall be compiling video footages of the performances of all NROs and use these to produce a Tunog Progreso AVP, which is also being produced in connection with NEDA’s 45th Anniversary.

Through the video, Filipinos from all over the world will know about the level of progress the Philippines has achieved through the years and how can this be further enhanced by working together.  It encourages all Filipinos to work for progress not only for one’s self but for the country as well. As one line of the Tunog Progreso theme goes, Ang pagsibol at ang pag-unlad ay tangi nating misyon, kaya natin ang lahat basta’t sama-sama sa ambisyon!