After being ISO-certified under the 9001:2008 standards for the past two years, NEDA-CAR begins its journey towards being ISO 9001:2015-certified.

To help ensure a smooth transition, a training was conducted on August 18, 2016 at the RDC Hall, NEDA-CAR, Baguio City to apprise the NRO staff of the highlights of the newer version and the key differences between the two standards.

TUV Rheinland’s Engr. Arnel Oliver, the resource person and facilitator of the training, presented the highlights of the 2015 standards and discussed how different it is with the 2008 version.

Among the major features of the new standards, according to Engr. Oliver, are:  (1) the use of risk-based thinking to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities in the organization’s enrolled processes, making the ‘preventive measures’ of ISO 9001:2008 redundant; (2) the introduction of common core clauses for all standardized management systems, which, Engr. Oliver pointed out,  makes the integration of various management systems much simpler; (3) the emphasis on leadership and management commitment, which requires greater involvement by top managers in controlling the quality management system; and (4) focus on social and psychological factors as part of the work environment, aside from the physical factors which was the only aspect considered in the 9001:2008 standards.

Further, the ISO 9001:2015 standards no longer require obligatory documented procedures or a quality manual. Instead, it refers to ‘documented information’,  which it defines as information that the organisation has to control and maintain’. The information can be in any format and come from various sources and media. Diverse forms of evidence or documentation are therefore possible.

Also conducted as part of the two-day training were workshops which gave the participants a hands-on experience on identifying needs and (important but unstated) expectations of the office’s partners and  clientele, and determining, assessing, treating and monitoring risks involved in the enrolled processes.

Complying with ISO standards is in line with NEDA-CAR’s continuing commitment to provide better, more efficient and responsive service to its external and internal clientele. xxx