This was announced on December 17 by AJA Registrars, Inc., the certifying body contracted by NEDA-CAR to assess its processes against the ISO standards. This is the second time the office was issued an ISO certification, the first one being the ISO 9001-2008 standard.

The certification was issued after the office successfully hurdled the external audit conducted on November 29-30.  It covers the following core processes in the area of regional development coordination:  Regional Development Planning and Plan Monitoring; Regional Development Investment Program Formulation; Project Evaluation: and Project Monitoring & Evaluation. Various support processes are also covered such as Development Information Support; Procurement and Disbursement; Recruitment; Hiring and Selection & Training and Scholarship; Physical Resources Management; Documented Information Procedure; and Internal Quality Audit Control.

NEDA-CAR’s certification is in line with the organization’s continuing pursuit of excellence in the delivery of its services.