BAGUIO CITY—In line with its quality policy to deliver better, faster and more responsive outputs and services in orchestrating regional development, NEDA-CAR held an in-house training on Completed Staff Work (CSW) on August 4.

CSW also upholds the ISO 9001 of the services rendered by NEDA-CAR to the Regional Development Council.

Regional Director Milagros Rimando shared that CSW improves the quality of decisions made. She also encouraged the staff to anticipate all the boss’ questions and address them in their work or prepare to address them. She underscored that CSW usually has simple communication style and is signature-ready, which implies that CSW is efficient.

Olga Defontorum of the Policy Formulation and Planning Division (PFPD) conveyed that identifying the issue and establishing a work process is vital in the completing staff work. She noted that the staff must effectively address the issue at hand. She also suggested that there must be continuous monitoring and evaluation on it, which is also a part of CSW.

Division Chief Jedidia Aquino of the Finance and Administration Division discussed the process and some tips to achieve CSW. She stressed that the timeliness of the CSW is essential, because it is not CSW when it does not reach the intended recipient on time.

Another training on Target Selection Interview (TSI) was held the next day. It was initially prepared for the division chiefs and supervising chiefs, however it was seen to improve the competencies of the staff and may help them in their career growth. Regional Director Rimando imparted that using behavioral questions during interviews may help the interviewers to evaluate the interviewees effectively.



by Christine Mamuyac, SPCAR