Smart City– The NEDA-CAR delegation (Top left photo) headed by Regional Director Susan Sumbeling and Assistant Regional Director Stephanie Christiansen tours the newly established Baguio City Smart City Command Center with Baguio City Mayor Magalong at the Baguio Convention Center

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong gave a tour of Baguio’s Smart City Command Center to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA-CAR) delegation headed by Regional Director Susan Sumbeling and Assistant Regional Director Stephanie Christiansen on June 15, 2021.

Mayor Magalong informed the delegation that the Command Center shall use the Smart City System, the first single smart city platform in the country. The city partnered with the IT and Networking firm Cisco Systems, Inc. (Philippines) in developing the software technology for the command center. The system will help the local government unit in managing the City’s, economy, environment, public safety and security, utility, and agriculture through digital governance, allowing for a more efficient management and administration of government affairs.

The system requires an installation of artificial intelligence (AI) cameras in conspicuous locations in the city. Currently, the City Government is working with a group of experts from Singapore for the conduct of a feasibility study on a smart transportation and mobility system, one of the components for the Smart City.

The Smart City project is in three phases, the first phase of which includes the construction of the command center, and purchase of AI cameras and software for the system. The second and third phase of the project will be on the installation of additional functionalities and features to further enhance the Smart City System.

The City Mayor mentioned of the commercial aspect of the Smart City System and the City Government’s plans to put up the first National Data Center and the first LGU-managed broadband network in the country which will be offered for both public and private use. The revenue from these services will be utilized for the operation of the Smart City System.

The Smart City Project of the City of Baguio is consistent to the strategies in the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 and the updated Cordillera Regional Development Plan 2017-2022 to adopt the smart city principle in urban mobility, natural and built environment, sustainable energy, and economic competitiveness. It also addresses issues in the city by improving local economy, traffic and transport management, public safety and security, disaster management, and promoting E-government and ease of doing business.

The City Government plans to launch the Smart City Command Center on September 1,2021, in time for Baguio City’s 112th founding anniversary.

By Bob Lyndon B. Daroya