MENTORING – NEDA-CAR ARD Stephanie F. Christiansen (upper right) responds to participants’ questions during the Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee training-workshop on crafting resolutions and policy formulation.

Cordillera Regional Development Council (RDC-CAR) Secretary and NEDA Asst. Regional Dir. (ARD) Stephanie F. Christiansen served as the resource person during the Training on Best Practices in Crafting Resolutions and Policy Formulation on 12 April 2022 in Baguio City. Representatives from various research institutions and consortia who are members of the RDC Regional Research, Development, and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) participated in the activity.

ARD Christiansen underscored the significance of completed staff work (CSW) in preparing development policy issue papers and resolutions.  She elaborated on the need for action documents to be   evidence-based, inclusive and holistic per Memorandum Circular No. 72 issued by the Office of the President on CSW.

Invoking the wealth of information that the research community holds, ARD Christiansen said: “It is very important for both the government and non-government institutions to work together and share information to shape policies that matter to every Juan and Juana of the community.” 

On the concern for research influencing policy, ARD Christiansen stressed the need for researchers to know the policymakers and recognize their peculiar interests. She pointed to the RDC for instance where members are from different sectors with different perspectives and look for policy opportunities. She also emphasized that practical solutions and clear options be communicated in a language that is commonly used and easy to understand.

RRDIC Chair and DOST-CAR Regional Director Nancy A. Bantog likewise stressed the relevance of the training in translating research outputs to policies and in communicating the committee’s advocacies to local government units, the RDC, and to its members.

The session on crafting resolutions focused on style and CSW requirements.  ARD Christiansen said that an RDC resolution is a policy instrument acted upon by the Council.  “A good RDC resolution is one formulated with CSW,” she concluded.

The RRDIC, a support committee under the RDC-CAR, was established through Joint RDC-RPOC Resolution No. 03 passed in 2018. It aims to harmonize research and development policies, programs, and activities and bridge gaps to ensure quality and priority research and projects towards an accelerated regional socio-economic development. It has passed 10 resolutions that were acted on by the Council since then.