The RDC R&D and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) discusses its directions during its first organizational meeting

The newly-created Regional Research Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC), with DOST-CAR as Chairman and NEDA-CAR as Vice Chairman, met for the first time to organize itself into a support committee of the RDC-CAR. The creation of this committee was approved in a Joint RDC-RPOC resolution signed on February 23, 2018.

Also present during the organizational meeting were representatives from member-agencies, namely: PSA, DILG, DENR, DTI, CHED, NCIP, DA, and DOH.  The region’s three research consortia (Cordillera Regional Health Research Development Committee or CRHRDC, Cordillera Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic and Resources Research Development or CorCAARD, and Cordillera Industry and Energy Research and Development Consortium or CIERDEC) were also represented by their respective Chairman.  Technical and administrative secretariat services to the Committee is done jointly by DOST and NEDA.

After the organizational meeting, a strategic planning workshop followed during which the Committee came out with the Committee’s SWOT Analysis, Vision and Mission, and a strategic action plan to carry out its mandated functions. The functions of the committee are as follows:

  • Set regional R&D policies and directions to guide all research consortia and agencies with research mandates;
  • Influence the R&D agenda of research consortia and agencies towards the Regional Development Plan 2017-2022;
  • Harmonize and prioritize major R&D activities in the region in the context of increasing public funds for R&D;
  • Prepare and update the Regional Research and Development Agenda;
  • Serve as the channel for R&D proposal review and endorsement for researches requiring endorsement from RDC;
  • Advocate inter agency-collaboration and partnership in R&D and S&T development;
  • Promote technology transfer and commercialization of R&D results; and
  • Foster a culture of research through capacity-building to increase R&D proposals from the government and private sectors.

The adopted mission statement of the Committee is as follows: An inter-sectoral coordinative body that supports the Regional Development Council in formulating and implementing an R and D Agenda, advancing innovation, and fostering a Culture of Research in the Cordilleras.”Foster a culture of research through capacity-building to increase R&D proposals from the government and private sectors.

An important activity lined up by the Committee is the selection of Private Sector Representatives who will become members of the Committee. The Co-Chairman of the Committee will come from the PSR members and is expected to be elected in the next meeting of the Committee.