(L-R) Top Management, Dir. Susan A. Sumbeling and Quality Management Representative, ARD Stephanie F. Christiansen giving their insights on the reports.

The NEDA Regional Office CAR conducted its Management Review of its Quality Management System (QMS) to review the effectiveness of the system on November 7 as part of its bid to sustain its certification under the ISO 9001:2015. This was led by Asst. Dir. Stephanie F. Christiansen as its Quality Management Representative in preparation for its first surveillance audit scheduled within this month by its external auditor, SOCOTEC Certification Philippines.

Dir. Susan A. Sumbeling shared the NEDA’s overall strategic directions in 2023 and priority agenda for the remaining period of this year to guide the process owners in planning for actions to sustain their performance and initiatives.

Said activity forms part of NEDA-CAR’s commitment to continually improve its regional coordination services to the Cordillera Regional Development Council through its core processes in Regional Development Plan preparation and monitoring, investment programming and project evaluation, and monitoring and evaluation. This also includes its support processes in development information and administrative support services.

The NEDA-CAR joined the global pool of organizations with management systems which are at par with the international standard under the ISO 9001 since 2009. It has sustained its rating of very satisfactory services in coordinating the region’s development based on the results of the 2021 annual Client Feedback Survey.