Presented By: Benedict Solang, Cordillera Peoples Alliance

Initial ideas on identity as Igorots, were expressed by pre-martial law Igorot student leaders of the Centralized BIBAK Association. Also, ideas on devolving or decentralizing government's administrative task on this mountain region were expressed by Igorot politicians earlier, such as at the Batasang Pambansa in 1978. (Atty. Sergio Kawi, Developing a Vision for an Autonomous Cordillera Region)i. Meanwhile, historical understanding of the Cordillera that fertilized progressive Cordillera politics, were the writings of Scotty(W.H. Scott) on Cordillera history and culture and challenge for Igorot youth to be involved. (William Henry Scott. The Discovery of the Igorots)ii. These inspired Igorot youth to be proud of their Igorot identity, and be part of the national movement for social change and nation building.

But the comprehensive understanding and articulation of Cordillera history, as a people and as a region, indigenous peoples rights and the right to self determination with option for regional autonomy; was by the national democratic movement. The distinct character of Igorots or Cordillera peoples with their specific problem of national oppression, ancestral land rights and indigenous socio political systems; and aspiration for people's welfare and a bright future, is richly dealt with by the movement for national democracy. (CPA Pantatavalan: National Oppression and Genuine Regional Autonomy in the Cordillera)iii.