By Gary Pekas

The rationale of autonomy is noble, and the concept does provide many avenues for the people of the Cordilleras to develop themselves. I for one believe that some form of self-determination is necessary for our people to realize their potentials. We might even fail miserably in the exercise of this right, but in the end we shall be better off realizing our folly.

But current proponents must convince the Cordillera people of the reality of oppression, and cite examples of how the current dispensation is instrumental in suppressing the people’s right to self-determination. Only when the people understand the problem shall they appreciate the solution.

However, the RDC and other government offices that are pushing for autonomy are hardly expected to condemn the very government and system that they are part of. They should point to current and actual examples of oppression and exploitation that autonomy will solve.

If they however continue on their current path, then the “renewed quest for autonomy” shall fail, and rightly so.

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