By Gina Dizon/Kordillera Autonomy

So there it goes. A simple calculation with 144 barangays multiplied by at least P7, 000 per pig and one more to feed the entire barangay will come up with one million pesos. That is less rice, fuel, veggies, salt, kape and asukal. Add hundred thousands more for sectoral meetings and more for travels and logistics for operations and secretariat work.

An allotment of at least P1.5 to 2 million per province from the P15 million budget is then wanting to make this autonomy drive more intensive and broad than the previous consultation-information drives done in the past. It is a question if this third autonomy attempt has learned something or not from the previous two failed ones. Otherwise, this autonomy campaign is being done just to spend the 15 million pesos! Period.

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