By Dexter See/Manila Bulletin

A close friend and political ally of President Aquino, Escudero’s view on realizing the Cordillera people’s desire for self-governance was aired over radio station DZWT, a member of the Catholic Media Network.

Escudero said that what is enshrined in the Constitution must be given by the government, adding that the development in the Cordillera is behind considering that the national government is not reportedly giving what is due to the region.

He made the pronouncement following the snowballing efforts among various sectors in the region to gather the sentiments of the people on the provisions that are fitting for the crafting of the third autonomy law which will be already acceptable to the Cordillerans.

Once the third autonomy law will be submitted to the Senate for its passage into law, Escudero cited the proposed law will be scrutinized in order for Cordillera to attain genuine autonomy in which past failures in the granting of autonomy to ARMM will be corrected.

Escudero assured his support to the renewed quest for autonomy by the Cordillerans, citing the grassroots level of consultations must continue in order to cull out the legitimate concerns of the people which must be appropriately addressed in the third autonomy law now being subjected to regionwide consultations among all sectors.

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