Contrary to the perception that the information and education campaign on the region's third attempt to achieve autonomous status, various government and private sectors are now coming out with their vocal stand supporting the renewed quest for self-governance in order to help speed up the progress and development, especially in rural communities.

The latest group that is now openly supporting the attainment of autonomy is the regional chapter of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) which passed a resolution supporting the immediate passage of House Bill (HB) 5595 and Senate Bill (SB) 3115, both bills seeking to establish a Cordillera Autonomous Region.

Emilio Kitongan, PCL-CAR regional chapter chairman, said municipal chapters of the organization will likewise pass their respective resolutions in support of the region's third attempt for self-governance so that the national government will be convinced to fully support the clamor of Cordillerans for self-rule.

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