By Julio K. Acofo/SunStar Baguio

Regional autonomy in whatever form is a socio-political-economic system. Again In the Cordillera politics continues to influence the movement of regional autonomy in the Cordillera. The politics of regional autonomy the Cordillera can not discount the roles of non-government organizations, armed groups and ideologies. Especially now that NGOs have moved from ideologies to focus to ethnicity. The IP has become the CENTER of the socio-political system of the Cordillera , not any more whether one is left-off or right -off center. And we are witnesses to this SHIFT TO THE IP. Being the indigene is THE IDENTITY and CENTER of programs and projects. It is not any more the organization one belongs to. Tradition and customary practices/laws are now the buzzwords of NGOs in the region. While the war between ideologies continue to be an issue of peace in the Cordillera, both “peaceniks” and the armed groups could not discount their being IPs and in how they deal with the issue of peace in the Cordillera.

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